Oregano Oil

Oil of Oregano: The Essence of Good Health

When the famous Greek physician Hippocrates cut his finger or had an upset stomach, he reached for oil of oregano. That’s not something he would have tasted in a fragrant Greek pasta dish; it’s something he would have plucked from a waist-high bush growing freely in the European countryside. Hippocrates most likely would have had to ask for help to harvest those oregano plants if his intent was to make essential oil. The requirement for just one pound of oil of oregano forces the squeezing of one hundred pounds of oregano leaves.

The Origin of Oil of Oregano and Historical Uses

The oil of oregano that Hippocrates recommended for antiseptic use, stomach upset and respiratory problems is derived from a plant botanically named Origanum vulgare, not be confused with the spice called oregano used in cooking, Originum Marjoram. Origanum vulgare is true, wild oregano. Origanum Marjoram is a common, distant relative, more kin to marjoram than oregano. Steam is used to distill wild oregano oil, drawing the cinnamon and menthol essence from the dried herb’s leaves (read about cinnamon oil).

The Greeks may have been the first to tap into the health benefits of the oil for disorders of their day, but they weren’t the last people to recognize what the herb could do. During the Middle Ages, oil of oregano was used as a way to kill germs and preserve foods. In Britain’s 17th century, it was prescribed for head colds. Over the years and including today, it has served as an herbal defense against fungus, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

What the Hippocrates knew about the health properties of oregano oil is as true today as it was in ancient times. If he were here, he would still be recommending the oil of oregano to patients for the 50 anti-microbial compounds in each drop.

What Oregano Oil Can Do

The purifying, medicinal benefits in wild oregano oil come mainly from two compounds, carvacrol and thymol, with carvacrol being the major component effective in disabling harmful microorganisms and fighting infections.

Only an oil containing more than 70 percent of carvacrol concentrate is considered true oregano oil.

Oil of oregano’s most powerful medicinal punch is its antimicrobial feature. The natural, essential oil starves the most stubborn biological toxins and encourages immunity. It acts as an herbal multivitamin with A, C and E complexes and healthy minerals including zinc, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. The calcium content of just 100 grams of oregano oil equals 16 times the calcium found in milk.

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil Uses and Benefits


As well as tea tree oil, oil of oregano works as a natural antibiotic. Research shows that carvacrol’s high oxygen content mixes with the body’s water to create enough heat to shrink and destroy harmful microorganisms. This shores up the body’s immunity, reduces infections, eases digestion and kills germs. In lab tests, oil of oregano worked just as well against E. coli and staph infections as the antibiotic Vancomycin. One natural advantage of oil of oregano oil is that bacteria do not rebel against the natural oil the way they mutate in response to antibiotic treatment. This is welcome news for patients suffering with recurring skin, respiratory and sinus infections.


Antibiotic resistance has literally created rapidly-growing fungal problems. The naturally-occurring candida albicans stomach fungus spreads unchecked after repeated prescription antibiotic use causing myriad problems for patients. Oil of oregano can be an alternative to deal with the candida-fueled symptoms of nail fungus, skin problems, allergies and yeast infections.

Oregano Vulgare


In Mexican studies, oregano oil proved completely effective against the water-borne, intestinal parasite giardia. In separate research, parasites were eliminated using a daily 600 mg treatment of oregano oil. Wild oregano oil is also believed to be effective against external parasites including mosquitoes, lice and fleas, making it a dependable, worldwide travelling companion for business executives and tourists.

Anti-Viral and Anti-Oxidant

Seasonal sore throats, colds and flu are pervasive illnesses that are most often treated for symptoms. The antiviral qualities of oregano oil can help restrain the worst common cold symptoms with treatment at a virus’s earliest onset. Thanks to its ability to neutralize free radicals, its possible oil of oregano can also slow cell damage along with the effects of neurodegenerative diseases and aging. Anti-oxidants are also thought to help in the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

Anti-Allergen and Anti-Inflammatory

Oregano oil has been shown to suppress allergy symptoms and diminish sinus congestion. For joint and muscle pain, the liquid form of oil of oregano has been proven to alleviate pain and swelling as well as and more quickly than prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, opening the way for a faster and more potent treatment for those in pain from sports injuries, arthritis and backache.

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Oil of Oregano: The Essence of Good Health
The Origin of Oil of Oregano and Historical Uses
What Oregano Oil Can Do
Oregano Oil Uses and Benefits

15 Responses to Oregano Oil

  • Kevin Moses says:

    I’ve just started using oregano oil for my fever and cough. It seems to have worked. Good stuff.

  • larry wright says:

    What kind of skin conditions oregano oil helps?

    • Lisa Wilkins says:

      Hi, have you tried Oregano oil for Basal cell carcinoma??? I read that Tea Tree oil has been used with success.


  • jackie mcfarlane says:

    i have severe arthritis and inflamation of the knees will this help

  • heather says:

    my husband is currently inventing a oil of oregano based facial gel that clears up skin and does wonders for bad acne.

  • Zaftig Diva says:

    I have been treating a skin condition with tea tree oil. I expected the issue to resolve. Today I am switching to oregano oil, externally and internally. Thank you for the clarity of your post. To you health!

  • Netasha says:

    I bought Oregano Oil for my daughter in her early 20’s that has pneumonia for it’s infection fighting properties… Wow what an improvement in her just overnight( well in a 24 hr. Period)… I was about ready to bring her to the hospital, but really didn’t want to so tried this as a last resort.. It works!! She also took Olive Leaf liquid. wonderful product!! Now to see if it can fight my sinus infection :)

  • leonardo says:

    I’m about to meet EENT tommorow,
    And look wat he/she suggest to me,
    But I wil try this oregano, actualy I try this anhour ago, I boiled 1/4 cup to water with 7 or 8 leaves, and after 5mins I put into a small mag, and I stew the leaves and drink the tea.

    Anyways, I have HPV throat disease/cancer I’m not sure if this is cancer, I hope that this herbal help’s me to kill the bacteria at my throat,

    I leave in philippine, I can’t afford doctors or any surgery, I’m 23yr’s boy turning to 24 this coming september 15. My only wish is good health and long life,.

    Sorry if my grammar is wrong, I hope u understand me..

    Godbless you all.
    God is good..

    Herbal medicine is good!

    If u want to be my friend,
    Just add my YM. Leo_dungca2000@yahoo.com

    Thankyou so much for a wonderfull knowledge..

  • Nancy says:

    I was bitten by a fire ant on my neck and arm. This burned and itched terribly. The first day it was swollen on the base of my neck and the forearm area was itchy but not real swollen. By the second day my arm was hot and red and swollen over half of my forearm area. I have used Pascalite clay for brown recluse bites with great success and healing so I made a clay paste and wrapped my forearm in plastic for about 8 hours. The itching didn’t subside and I had taken Benadryl to combat the swelling and itching. Finally I washed off the clay and nothing seemed different in the swelling. I used the oregano oil for tooth aches (works fast and effective for infection) there wasn’t even a drop left but I smeared what was left of the oil off the top of the dropper and as much as I could get out of the empty bottle and it wasn’t much more than a drop on my arm and neck. Within a half hour the swelling was almost completely gone, the pain and itching was gone immediately. Within a couple of hours all you could see was the area of about a 50 cent piece where I rubbed raw with the knuckling on my forearm and no swelling on my neck. Amazing stuff….even that little amount work for a fire ant bite when nothing else seemed to make a difference.

  • Evelyn ruiz says:

    Ive known about oil of oregano for quite a while. I believe this is a “miracle” natural medicine. This is something youll find in the bibble. i had a terrible ear infection put two drops behind my ear and the next day it was gone! It is a natural antibiotic. please make sure you go with a good brand. they have alot of immitations. i personally like north american oil of oregano. hope this was helpful.

  • steve says:

    I am suffering from bad odor in mouth and nose. I have tried many things but nothing works. I have heard oregano oil can help. Has any one heard of this or no any other remadies.

  • Silvia says:

    Hi I will like to know if oil of oregano will help no to loose hair and loose weight ,and how often is good to take it and the amount ,, I have 2 drops indeed my tone , but I think is better if you drink it with water maybe?

  • Birgit Crown says:

    Oregano, commonly called “the pizza herb,” is one of the most widely-used herbs worldwide, so it is hard to imagine anyone not having tried it. However, oregano was virtually unused in America until returning World War II soldiers heightened the popularity of pizza. `,….